Paediatric Vision And Management

Children below the age of 16 are more vulnerable to paediatric eye conditions such as amblyobia (Lazy Eye) which are not often detected before it is already too late. Thus, children can undergo the paediatric eye examination to detect any issues with their eyes. Eye screenings will simply tell us how well a child can see, and not the health of the child’s eyes. We also offer myopia management packages such as myopia correction glasses, contact lens and eye drops to try and correct your child’s vision as best as we can.  

Service Features

Wide-Field Retinal Imaging

A wide-field retinal imaging device can capture 80% of the retina without any irritating eye drops. Within less than a minute, the device is able to capture a wide-field retina image for both eyes. With the wide-field image, this helps the optometrist to detect any eye diseases tremendously.

Visual Acuity

Assessment of the clarity of vision for both distance and near. This shows a general view of eye health and focus of the eyes. This test is also able to check the sensitivity of vision.

Eye Alignment Assessment

Assessment for eye deviation which may cause visual discomfort.

Colour Vision Assessment

A test to assess the ability to determine colours to check for any colour deficiencies.

Stereopsis Testing (3D/Depth)

Stereopsis testing checks if both eyes are working well together thus providing depth perception. It is how we judge the distance between each step of the stairs and watch 3D movies.

Near Point Convergence (Focusing)

Difficulty in focusing at near may cause headaches and eye strains. This test assess the ability to focus at near and helps to assess if the focusing ability is good.

Refraction (Eye Prescription)

With technological advancement, a quick and accurate test of eye prescription can be done with the device.

Pupil Reactivity or Eye Muscle Assessment

A quick assessment on the pupil reactivity and eye muscles is done to ensure that the nerve functions in the eye is normal.

Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) Measurement

Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP) is the pressure in the eye and this measurement ensures that the IOP falls within normal range.

When to have your child's eye examined?

Children’s eye development undergoes many changes as eye functions as such colour vision and depth perception develop. Hence it is recommended that children get their eyes tested annually to ensure that they hit their developmental milestone.

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Why I-Vision Optometrist for Paediatric Vision and Management?

I-Vision focuses on bringing professional eye care to all paediatrics. Our centre provides a child-friendly environment to allow for paediatric eye testing. Our trained eye care practitioners are equipped with children friendly vision test aids and skilled with the necessary skills to accurately examine and detect any problems if any.

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How to prepare for Paediatric Vision and Management?

Children will have their vision assessed in a specially designed room with tests designed for paediatrics. This process may take around 30 to 45 minutes.

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