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We provide services to provide you with the necessary lenses needed for your eyes.
There are various single vision lenses available in the market, namely spherical, aspherical and bi-aspherical lenses. Single vision lenses help with either distance or near viewing, depending on your own visual needs.
Progressive lenses are often for individuals who experience difficulties doing near tasks. It provides a seamless progression of different lens power for all viewing distances – Distance, Intermediate and Near. Progressive lenses can also act as an myopia control lenses for children. However, as three different viewing zones are incorporated into the lens, peripheral zones of the lenses would be compromised, causing distortion at the peripheral.

Service Features:


Using different powered lenses, we will be able to get your prescription for your eyes.

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the measurement of how well you can see with or without your glasses.

Colour Vision

Assessment for colour vision using specialised colour plates called Ishihara Colour Plates.

Who needs prescription glasses?


Individuals who are not able to see very well without spectacles or with their current spectacles. Individuals who find that their current spectacles or lenses does not suit their current lifestyle.

Why I-Vision Optometrist for prescription glasses?

At I-vision, we are fully equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in helping you decide on the lens which suits you best.

How glasses are prescribe?

An eye refraction will be conducted prior to choosing the lenses and frames. From the results of the eye refraction, we can decide on the lenses needed for you.

Prescription of Glasses


I-Vision Optometrist offers a wide variety of prescription glasses—from single vision lenses to progressive lenses and specialty lenses.

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