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Children below the age of 16 years are more susceptible to paediatric eye conditions such as amblyopia (Lazy Eye) which are often not easily detected. Many parents usually deem their child’s eye as healthy after passing the eye screening conducted in school. However, children aged 16 and below who have visual problems often have difficulty understanding or expressing themselves. Eye screenings conducted in school only tell how well the children can see and does not focus on their eye health. It is thus important for parents to consult a pediatric optometrist for professional children eye exam to assess their children for any visual problems.

Service Features:


Using different powered lenses, we will be able to get your prescription for your eyes.

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the measurement of how well you can see with or without your glasses.

Colour Vision

Assessment for colour vision using specialised colour plates called Ishihara Colour Plates.

Cover Test

Detecting and measuring for any deviation of the eyes is done with the use of a cover.

Stereopsis Test (3D Test)

This test is used for identifying amblyopia, strabismus, suppression and death.

Near Point Convergence (NPC)

Measures the ability for the eye to work together to focus on a near object.

Ocular Motility Test

Our eye contain 12 muscles that work for our eye movement. The test will assess if the 12…

Pupillary Assessment

This assessment checks for the pupil reaction, this allows the optometrist to evaluate the …

Intraocular Pressure

Using a portable device, I-Care tonometer, we are able to evaluate the intraocular pressure …

When to avail Paediatric Vision and Management?

Children’s eye development undergoes many changes as eye functions as such colour vision and depth perception develop. Hence it is recommended that children get their eyes tested annually to ensure that they hit their developmental milestone.
paediatric vision management

Why I-Vision Optometrist for Paediatric Vision and Management?

I-Vision focuses on bringing professional eye care to all paediatrics. Our centre provides a child-friendly environment to allow for paediatric eye testing. Our trained eye care practitioners are equipped with children friendly vision test aids and skilled with the necessary skills to accurately examine and detect any problems if any.

How to prepare for Paediatric Vision and Management?

Children will have their vision assessed in a specially designed room with tests designed for paediatrics. This process may take around 30 to 45 minutes.

Accurate paediatric vision and management

I-Vision focuses on bringing professional eye care to all paediatrics.

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