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An all-in-one eye test / eye health examination which assess your prescription, visual function and overall eye health. There are 2 types of professional eye exam to choose from: Preliminary and Comprehensive eye examinations. The preliminary eye examination consists of visual function tests and refraction. The comprehensive eye examination includes all tests in preliminary eye examination with anterior and posterior eye assessment.

Service Features:


Using different powered lenses, we will be able to get your prescription for your eyes.

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is the measurement of how well you can see with or without your glasses.

Colour Vision

Assessment for colour vision using specialised colour plates called Ishihara Colour Plates.

Cover Test

Detecting and measuring for any deviation of the eyes is done with the use of a cover.

Stereopsis Test (3D Test)

This test is used for identifying amblyopia, strabismus, suppression and death.

Near Point Convergence (NPC)

Measures the ability for the eye to work together to focus on a near object.

Ocular Motility Test

Our eye contain 12 muscles that work for our eye movement. The test will assess if the 12…

Pupillary Assessment

This assessment checks for the pupil reaction, this allows the optometrist to evaluate the …

Intraocular Pressure

Using a portable device, I-Care tonometer, we are able to evaluate the intraocular pressure …

Anterior Eye Health Assessment

Assessment of the front segment of eye from the eyes, cornea, iris, pupil to the crystalline lens of the eye.

Posterior Eye Health Assessment

Daytona uses the most advanced imaging technology which is able to capture a wide field retinal image.

Why go through eye health examination?


Eye health is not only about being able to see clearly but also comfortably and accurately. Most optical outlets do not provide a comprehensive eye examination for the eye and may neglect some of the visual functions that are also crucial for comfortable vision. At I-Vision Optometrist, we ensure that all individuals are able to achieve the most optimal vision.
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How often should you schedule for eye health examination?


An annual routine eye examination is recommended for everyone. Do allow at least 45 minutes for the comprehensive eye examination. This will allow the optometrist to detect any early abnormalities that may otherwise cause irreversible visual loss later. It is even more important for people with systemic conditions such as diabetes to have their eyes checked as any symptoms of visual loss is often too late.

Comprehensive Eye Examination


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