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We view the world with both our eyes and create memories with what we see. Our eyes perceive depth by the use of both eyes which allows us to have 3D vision. Hence, binocular vision assessment allows the optometrist to recognise how well both eyes work together for comfortable and clear vision.
Individuals who do not experience visual discomfort, constant headaches when viewing near for long hours, seeing double vision or eyes that are easily fatigued should get their eyes assessed for any binocular vision defect.

Service Features:


Using different powered lenses, we will be able to get your prescription for your eyes.

Cover Test

Detecting and measuring for any deviation of the eyes is done with the use of a cover.

Near Point Convergence (NPC)

Measures the ability for the eye to work together to focus on a near object.

Ocular Motility Test

Our eye contain 12 muscles that work for our eye movement. The test will assess if the 12…

Stereopsis Test (3D Test)

This test is used for identifying amblyopia, strabismus, suppression and death.


Fusional Reserves Measurement

Our eyes have the ability to turn in (converge) as well as turn out (diverge) to focus on different distances.


Relative Accommodation

When looking at near objects, our eyes will focus and allow us to perform near tasks such as reading clearly.

Why I-Vision Optometrist for binocular vision assessment?

At I-Vision Optometrist, we are fully equipped to measure the different components that affects binocular vision. In addition, we provide visual therapy to improve visual quality and quality of life in turn.

How to prepare for binocular vision assessment?

Individuals who wish to get assessed should prepare at least 30 minutes for the whole assessment. Should any binocular vision defects get detected, the individual will be scheduled for visual therapy which the individual must adhere to strictly for improvement of vision.

Binocular Vision Assessment and Management


I-Vision Optometrist provides assessments to diagnose and manage possible binocular vision disorder.

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