Tell Tale Signs That Say It’s Time To Get Your Eyes Checked

Find out how can you tell if it’s about time to get your eyes checked. Follow these easy-to-spot signs!

Our pair of eyes is one of the most important organs in our bodies. Without it, understanding the world revolving around us is much difficult, making it hard for us to navigate our environment and carry on with our day-to-day tasks. That’s why it is important to take care of our precious eyes. Although factors such as aging and nature of work make us susceptible to various vision problems, managing the early symptoms can help us prevent further damages to our eyesight.

But how do one tell if if it’s about time to get his or her eyes checked? Here are a few tell tale signs that says you need professional eye exam  ASAP.

1. Blurred vision

This is one of the most common signs of deteriorating eyesight. If you have been noticing recently that you’re having a hard time reading package labels and restaurant menus, or your favourite books seem to become too fuzzy to read, it is highly likely that you’re experiencing blurry vision. There are three common things that are always talked about when it comes to blurry vision:

  1. a. Farsightedness: This condition is also called “hyperopia.” With this condition, faraway objects are clear to the eyes while nearby ones appear blurry. Farsightedness usually occurs at birth and is hereditary.
  2. b. Nearsightedness: A condition also called “myopia,” this is the opposite of farsightedness wherein faraway objects appear blurry and nearby ones are clear to the eyes.
  3. c. Astigmatism: This condition occurs when the eye’s cornea is irregularly shaped. Astigmatism results to things looking distorted or out of focus.
  4. d. Presbyopia: This is a condition that occurs mainly in people who are above age of 40 due to weakening of eye muscles resulting in blurred near vision.

2. Eye strain or fatigue

Having to blink or squint to be able to see things more clearly or put your eyes in focus is a sign of strain or fatigue. The same thing with inability to focus your eyes at a computer. If you often notice yourself having difficulty focusing on your gadget for an extended amount of time, treat this a sign to set an appointment with your optometrist.

3. Image distortion

If you ever notice that what you see is distorted whether on your side vision or central vision. This could be a sign of deterioration in the central portion of your eye’s retina, or macular degeneration.

4. Visual field loss

If you ever felt as if any of your eye has decreased field of vision like black curtains covering your eyes, it is important to get it checked immediately as it is a sign of retinal detachment.

5. Eye infection

Swollen eyelids? Itchiness? Redness? These could be signs that you have an eye infection. Consider planning a trip to your trusted eye care center.

6. You haven’t had an eye exam in the past two years

Like any other check-up, eye test and assessments should be done on a regular basis. Visit your doctor at least four times a year, your dentist every six months, and your eye doctor every one to two years to ensure your vision’s overall health and safety.

In case you are encountering any of the signs mentioned above, or something has been bothering you with your vision, it is best to consult your eye doctor and have it checked right away. Our eyes are truly, very essential. Difficulties in the way we use our sense of vision can have major changes in the way we live. Book a comprehensive eye assessment today. Call 6802 4726 or visit our store at 79 Serangoon Garden Way!